VoIP Services


We offer DID services for calling card companies as well as for IP phone service providers. We have USA area codes available. Rates are as low as $0.50 for DID and $1 per DID channel.

  • You must buy atleast one DID and one DID Channel to use the service.
  • DID numbers are used by calling card companies and IP Phone users.
  • Calling card companies can use DID number for customers to call in for the calling card services.
  • IP Phone users can use it to get incoming calls on their IP Phone, no other devices or services needed to receive calls.
  • No minimum order quantity, no setup fee, no commitments and no contract with unlimited minutes. Absolutely no per minute fee.
  • No minimum order quality means, you can just order one DID with one channel which has unlimited minutes for just $1.50 per month.
How it works?

1. Sign up for DID number through VoipHolaVoIP.

2. Provide us your receiving VoIP gateway's technical information (e.g. IP address, protocol, codec, etc.)

3. Set your gateway to receive the calls from our network.

4. Thus, when your callers dial the local numbers in your selected cities, we deliver them to your network via VoIP.